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Mini Candle Gift Set

Mini Candle Gift Set


Experience the ultimate hygge with our premium Hug candles! Embrace the essence of Scandinavian coziness with our handcrafted candles, each bearing a unique Danish or Norwegian name. Made from luxurious coconut-soy wax and infused with high-quality, toxin-free fragrances, our candles create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Enjoy the pure experience knowing our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, with lead and zinc-free cotton wicks, for a guilt-free indulgence in comfort and style.


A special gift set of three mini candles for the ultimate candle enthusiast. Thoughtfully crafted in our 6 ounce jars and presented in our classy folding box. This gift box comes with our top sellers, Rosenhaven, Lykke and Solskin. 



Immerse yourself in the garden of Nordic roses. Our popular fragrance brings a soft beauty with its scent-filled profile. Open your senses to the romance of Northern Europe’s flower-filled spaces. Fill your soul with uplifting scents and smell the roses bloom!


Fragrance: The floral fragrance of damask rose gives a rich and textural note that is wrapped with smoky oud wood with hints of clove


Lykke: Lykke is the Danish word for happiness. Danes are considered one of the happiest cultures in the world. Maybe it’s because they burn more candles per household then anywhere else or maybe it’s because they believe in balance, connections to nature, family and friends and take joy in celebrating all the small things in life.


Fragrance: Our Lykke candle is filled with happy making scents such as lily of the valley, fresh hyacinth, with a top note of wisteria



Bring yourself back to the days of summer! This tantalizing fragrance will make you feel like you are sitting at the beach as a soft breeze brushes over you in the warm sun.


Fragrance: This fragrance is a clean citrus blend: top notes of lime and mandarin, mid notes of coconut and verbena with base notes of musk, sandalwood and cashmere woods



BURN TIME: 30+ hrs per mini candle. Total 90+ hours


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